Investing with Tiller

Altogether a richer experience.

At Tiller, we invest alongside our clients. It’s just one of the many reasons demanding investors trust Tiller:

Pro-active approach

We constantly strive to invest your money in the right place at the right time.

At Tiller, we would never expect our clients to trust us with their wealth if we we’re not willing to invest alongside them.

We actively manage our clients’ wealth. Which means we continuously monitor market conditions and global events and fine-tune portfolios accordingly, always striving to minimise risk and maximise opportunities.

Proactive investing is a philosophy that we hold with the utmost conviction. Demonstrated by the facts that our wealth managers and shareholders have invested their own money in our portfolios. So, every client is assured that we will look after their wealth with the same diligence and passion as we would our own.

Flexible, secure investment accounts.

Invest tax free by opening an ISA Account or open a General Investment Account

You can choose to invest tax free by opening an ISA account up to an annual limit of £20,000 or you can open a General Investment Account.

Your investment is held in a segregated (i.e. separated and ringfenced) account completely separate from Tiller's assets, in accordance with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) rules. Your assets and cash are held in safekeeping by SEI, Europe Limited, who acts as the Custodian for your investments. In fact, your funds never pass through a Tiller account; instead when you invest with Tiller you will transfer your money directly to an account controlled by SEI, the Custodian.

And naturally, Tiller is fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Easy, accessible and highly functional

Manage, monitor and model your wealth on your phone, tablet or PC

With Tiller, your wealth is always safe and close at hand. You can manage and monitor your portfolio 24/7 via your mobile, tablet or desktop and every online transaction you make is protected by the same multi-level internet and data security systems used by high street banks.

Furthermore, our rich functionality enables you to model the impact of making additional contributions or switching portfolio strategy before you make the final decision.

Dashboard welcome screen on iPhone

Investigate before you invest.

Explore and choose a portfolio before you decide to invest.

Before you invest any money, you can explore our portfolios and see how any investment you make could potentially perform.

Unlike many other wealth managers, we let you identify your risk profile, choose a portfolio and interrogate every holding before opening an account.

You can model how our different types of portfolios are expected to perform and then make an educated decision on which portfolio is right for you.

Tiller portfolio modelling on iPad

A choice of 3 portfolio types

New to investing or experienced investor? We have the right portfolio for you.

No two investors are ever the same. That’s why Tiller offer a choice of portfolios.

Our Core portfolios make use of low cost ETFs to track the global markets like the FTSE in the UK and the S&P in the US. Ideal for people who want to keep fees low.

Our Smart portfolios also make use of ETFs but we add active funds which rely on the judgement of investment managers who seek to outperform the market index. Ideal for people who want to increase the chance of performance.

Our Select portfolio gives you the ability to add ‘themed investments’ to a Smart portfolio. This enables you to expose more of your wealth to a specific theme, such as a region, sector or asset class. Ideal for people who want more control over their investments.

Fees. Clear, affordable and fair.

Invest with Tiller for considerably less than the price of your average financial adviser.

On average, a typical financial adviser will charge a client 1.37% pa of the total value of the portfolio.

The reason for this is financial advisers are rarely wealth managers. They outsource the management of their client portfolios so they must charge more to cover the costs.

At Tiller, we are the wealth manager. So, there’s no middle man. That’s why our fees are cheaper.

Investments can go down in value as well as up so you could get back less than you invest. Your capital is at risk. Find out more

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