Our process

Our process takes risk management to another level.

At Tiller, we never forget that your wealth represents your dreams and security for the future. That’s why risk management is embedded at every stage of our investment process.

We hand-select every fund.

The funds used to construct your portfolio – the ‘fund universe’ – are carefully selected by our Investment Committee. They monitor each fund closely to ensure they remain best of breed and continue to justify their place in a Tiller portfolio.

We identify your personal risk rating.

The main principle to remember when investing is that the potential for returns rises with the increase in risk, but so does the possibility of losses.

So, at Tiller, we start by asking you several questions specifically designed to identify the level of risk you are comfortable with taking and the level of losses you are able to withstand.

We build you a globally diversified portfolio.

Once we have identified your risk rating we then construct a portfolio using a broad range of different types of investments. These include shares, property, bonds and commodities. They’re known as asset classes.

Each of these asset classes can perform differently at different times. So, we include all of them in a portfolio to spread any risk and to expose your money to the most opportunities. It’s a way of ensuring all your eggs are not kept in the same basket.

And because each asset class has a different level of risk associated with it, the exact blend is determined by the overall risk profile of your portfolio.

We pro-actively manage your portfolio.

We don’t leave your portfolio to the mercy of global events. That’s the pro-active difference at Tiller.

Some providers are happy to let your funds simply go along with the markets once you’ve invested.

We take a much more pro-active approach, adjusting portfolios as the market changes – either automatically through our algorithm, or via expert human intervention if necessary.

We never let your portfolio exceed your risk rating.

Most wealth managers will rebalance portfolios every year to ensure the ratio of different asset classes stays with the given risk profile.

Our technology will monitor and rebalance the portfolio far more frequently, in fact daily if necessary. It ensures you’re never exposed to more risk than you’re prepared to take.

And if you choose a Select Portfolio, and decide to add a ‘Themed Fund’ Tiller will automatically adjust your other holdings to ensure your portfolio never exceeds your own risk profile.

No other wealth manager takes better care of your wealth.

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